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Lake Texoma Association 

Lake Texoma Association 
Lake Texoma AssociationThe Lake Texoma Association is a group of dynamic movers and shakers. If something is in the best interest of our lake, then you can bet that LTA is behind that plan every step of the way, with the cooperation of the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department.

The Lake Texoma Association was organized in the 1940s and is very much like a chamber of commerce, but with one major difference… its diverse membership. Not just an organization of businesses and business people, LTA is made up of all sorts of concerned individuals who want to keep Lake Texoma the superb recreational and business area it is today.

Accomplishments of the LTA include:

Responds to thousands of requests for information from tourists, businesses and government.

Works hand-in-hand with local chambers of commerce to promote cities and towns throughout the entire Texoma region.

Sponsors a yearly Bikini Fun Run, Bash for Cash, and participates in the Lakeshore Cleanup Day.

Produces an annual lake guide with a circulation of more than 100,000 copies.

Promotes tourist destinations in the region in cooperation with other travel groups, chambers of commerce, cities and associations.

Assists in informing the public about the importance of tourism to our local and state economy.
Force behind the 1988 addition of recreation to the lake's official purposes giving recreation equal footing with flood control and power generation.

Instrumental in forming the Lake Texoma Advisory Committee, a planning commission consisting of members from the Corps of Engineers, Congress, LTA, agriculture, water commissions from three states and recreational entities.
Attends boat, recreation and sport shows across a three-state region to publicize Lake Texoma and entice tourists to visit.

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Lake Texoma Association