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Tournament Rules
Print the TSC rules.

Eligibility:  Texoma Striper Challenge is open to any angler who possesses a valid fishing license for the portion of Lake Texoma he/she wishes to fish in.   All anglers are required to have the appropriate license on their person at all times while fishing.  TSC reserves the right to refuse any entries.  

For complete licensing information consult the Texoma Striper Challenge Licensing Requirements.

Fees & Registration:  Entry fee is $500 per boat with a fishing guide and $300 per boat without fishing guide.   No registrations will be accepted after 12 noon on Wednesday prior to the event.  All persons aboard a competing boat must be registered with tournament officials.  Each team/boat shall have a captain.  One will be assigned if a team has not specified a particular person. Any change in team members must be presented to TSC Committee prior to start time.

Optional Big Fish Pot:  An optional $10/fisherman will be collected at check-in for the Big Fish Pot.  This is a side pot and is separate from the main competition.  Only those participating in this pot will be eligible to win the pot contents.  This pot will be split 50/50 with the Boys and Girls Club of Denison.  A person may pull their individual fish from the team’s five (5) fish stringer (once it has been weighed in the main competition) and place it in the Big Fish Pot Competition.

Tournament Hours:  Begins with check-in and breakfast at 6:00 a.m.  Fishing will begin at 7:00 a.m. and will conclude by 12 noon.  Official clock will be at headquarters (Grandpappy Point). 

Weigh-in Location:  Weigh-in will be at the Grandpappy Point Marina’s Club 640 beginning at 12:00 noon.

Fish:  All fish remain the property of the participating fishermen, and are subject to inspection.  Fish submitted at the weigh-in must be “fit for the table”, i.e., they must have red gills, clear eyes, and firm flesh.  Each fisherman should bring an ice chest or other container to take home their cleaned fish.

Tie: The team who enters their stringer for weigh-in first will be deemed the winner.

Late Penalty: For each minute late to weigh-in, a pound deduction will be taken from final weigh-in.

Protests:  All protest must be submitted in writing to the Tournament Director within 10 minutes of the end of the weigh-in.  The Tournament Director’s decisions will be final in all matters.  TSC will have a person at the front of the weigh-in line to receive protests about fish before they are weighed.


  • Boat inspections: The Tournament Director, at his option, may have boat inspections performed.  Only in the event of an emergency may teams change boats during fishing hours (the new boat must be checked by a member of the TSC Committee).

  • Culling: Any fish kept in possession for more than one minute cannot be culled or released.  Any fish that does not swim away immediately upon release must be kept.  Fish kept alive by any means are considered in possession.

  • Equipment & Lake: Fish must be taken on rod & reel only.  Live or artificial baits are permitted.  Fish must be caught in tournament lake, on the tournament date, and only during tournament hours.  Bank fishing is prohibited. All contestants must wear Coast Guard approved life jackets: any time the boat is moving faster than trolling speed.  All boats must meet U.S. Coast Guard standards. 

  • Pre-tournament Practice: Lake is open.

  • Weigh-in: The Captain of the competing boat must weigh in the boat’s fish.  A stringer of five (5) fish per competing boat may be brought to the weigh-in site to be considered.

  • Personal Conduct and Sportsmanship: Courtesy, safe boating, sportsmanship and conservation must be displayed at all times by all contestants.  All local, state and federal laws and regulations must be obeyed.  No fishing within 25 yards of another boat.

  • Upon entering the TSC Tournament: Contestants release TSC officials and the Boys and Girls Club of Denison from liability of accident, loss or theft.

For complete licensing information consult the Texoma Striper Challenge Licensing Requirements.

Tournament Information  |  Tournament Rules/Fees  |  Tournament Awards
TSC Entry Form  |  Directions/Maps